Life with Pugs

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Weekend Fun

Some pictures of our weekend fun!

Oscar LOVED all the attention!

Melaina really wanted to brush the dogs, but they weren't too interested. Daisy especially--she kept running away!

Loving on Oscar

Doing arts and crafts

A quick trip to the park

Melaina REALLY loved the pugs!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Looking Back...

I cannot believe it has been a year since Hurricane Katrina hit. For some reason, I was so affected by the hurricane. I think much of it had to do with the amount of suffering the people stranded in New Orleans were enduring. Did any of you watch the Katrina special on NBC with Brian Williams Monday night? It brought back a whole flood of emotions that I felt around that time. I was reminded of a very important issue that is still facing America--race and class and becoming equals. It is very evident that this is a problem, but how do we fix it? Where do we start? Such pain and hurt should not happen to any human being, and it is unfathomable to me that such things should go on in one of our American cities. I know that it happens daily around the world, but seeing it in our own county is unbelievable. I hope and pray that anyone reading this that may have been affected by Katrina is being blessed, and may all of you on the coast be protected from hurricanes during this season.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

What a weekend!

Whew! It was an exhausting, but fun, weekend! Jason's sister and her family came to visit for the weekend, and I must say, I don't know how you people with kids do it! They have three girls, and they are busy! It was a lot of fun but definitely reminded Jason and me that we are no where near being ready for kids. I think we'll stick with pugs for a while!

The pugs didn't quite know how to act with so many little people around. They haven't been around kids much at all, and the nieces only have cats, so were a little freaked out by the dogs. The pugs got a little too excited at times, but I think it could have been worse. They were just happy to have visitors!

Their times with us went too fast, but it was still a good time. It was just good to see them! Anyone else who wants to come visit--we are ready and will know next time to baby-proof our house!

Friday, August 25, 2006

And now presenting....

our kitchen!

Welcome to our kitchen! It is a little on the small side but perfect for us! I love how it is open to the dining room, giving it a bigger feel. The walls are a dark green, and we have it decorated in a coffee theme (if you know my husband, you know why!).

The aerial view

We don't actually do a lot of cooking in here (we use our grill quite a bit, especially in the summer), but we do turn on the oven from time to time.

View from the dining room

And here are some of my favorite things in the kitchen...

For whatever reason, I love our refrigerator! When we were picking out the things in our house, I was probably the most excited about the fridge! It is nice and big, has the ice maker in the freezer door, leaving more room for food in the freezer, and also has filtered water.

Gotta have the coffee maker! This is an important way to start my day, and the funny thing is, I never drank coffee before I met Jason!

Along those same lines, here is my favorite coffee mug! I begged for this for months, and finally Jason brought it home for me and surprised me! I use it almost every day (except when we actually do go to Starbucks).

And the blender. I have been making smoothies a lot lately (thanks, Mom!) so have been using this almost every day as well!
Thanks for stopping by and visiting my kitchen! Maybe I will bake something for you all! I do love to bake, but don't do it often as it is usually just Jason and me! Thanks Shannon for hosting the bloggy parade of homes!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yay for no work!

Today I have the day off! I normally work five days a week, which gets to be kind of a drag after a while. We have been really slow lately, so on days when we have no patients scheduled, they tell us to stay home! I love it so much until pay day, but we won't think about that right now.

We are having guests this weekend, so I have been trying to get the house all spic and span for their arrival. Should be a fun time! I was snapping some pictures for tomorrow's Blogger Parade of Homes and got some good puggy pictures as well. Some times you have the camera at just the right time--I love it when it works out that way!

I especially love the one of Daisy. There is a window above our landing, and the morning sun was shining in. My pugs love the sun, so they were sitting there taking in the sunshine and trying to see what their momma was doing. Aren't they so cute?!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bloggy Parade of Homes continued

Our dining room!
This is our dining room, which is just on the other side of the living room (see previous post). We are looking for a rug to go under our table to add a little more color. We are thinking something with some green in it. The wall with the patio door is a dark, chocolatey brown (the color didn't turn out great in this picture). Jason picked out the color, and we really like it! I also love our dining room table. My favorite store, Cost Plus World Market, had this table on clearance because one of the leaves had a piece broken off. We never use both leaves, so it worked out perfectly! Much improved over our last Kmart table!

Another room to come soon.......

Monday, August 21, 2006

Bloggy Parade of Homes

Shannon at Bless Your Heart is hosting a Bloggy Parade of Homes, so I am joining. I am three weeks late so am going to try and play catch up.

Week 1: Entry Way

I don't have a good close-up shot, so here is the front of our house.

Week 2: Living Room

This is the view of our living room from our kitchen. We have one red wall and the rest are a khaki color. I love the red! The red rug is a new addition. It is a shag rug and I love it! We looked and looked for a rug and finally settled on this one. Our living room needed some color besides khaki.

A better view of the red wall. Oops, left my dinner dishes on the coffee table!

There is the open space in the wall between our living and dining rooms, which I like. It seems to make the downstairs feel more open. We have had this brown chair for a few months and love it! We wanted a leather chair and ottoman but decided it would take up too much room. So we opted for this leather recliner, which we are enjoying very much.

Very important wall--TV wall! We just added the entertainment center shelves, which I think turned out very nicely.

Week 3: Dining Room

To be continued.....Blogger has decided to not let me add any more pictures. Dining room pictures to come!

Friday, August 18, 2006

So sad

We found out tonight that one of our blogland puggy friends, Chloe, passed away yesterday from a heat stroke. She was a beautiful and special pug and tonight I am so sad. We loved checking her blog and seeing her cute little face, and she was adorable rolling around in her wheelchair. She had some rough times in her little life but found a wonderful family and home. We love you, Chloe, and we will miss you!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oscar's Been Tagged!

I was tagged by my buddy Kritter, so here are five weird things about me (there are so many):

1. Eating is my most favorite thing in the the whole world. I know this is true for most puggies, but it is extremely true for me. At my grandparents house, I scaled an extra-tall baby gate (crawled over it and left Daisy locked up by herself) and jumped up on a barstool to get on the counter to eat my whole bag of treats. Doesn't my mom know better than to leave them there? I also ripped open a bag of my dog food at their house and had a very nice snack. I also am so excited to eat in the morning that I dance around, but as soon as I scarf down my food, I go back to bed and can hardly be moved. I am like a rock.

2. Being petted is my second favorite thing ever (a close second to eating). If my mom stops petting me before I am done, I scratch her with my paw or stick my head back under her hand until I am done.

3. I am really a big dog stuck in a little dog body. When we are out walking, I have to protect my mom and sister from the other mean dogs in the neighborhood. This morning I scared off a big, mean dachsund. I am so scary!

4. I love to smile! Sometimes I am so happy that my top lip gets stuck on my underbite. Some say I look mean and ferocious but I am really just so happy.

5. I hate getting wet. Even though I am lazy, I will walk all the way around any puddle to avoid getting my paws wet. Sometimes my mom makes me walk through sprinklers and I just hate it.

I have lots of things my mom thinks are weird--she asks me "what kind of life did you have before us?" I am so happy to live with my mom and dad and sister. I am king of this castle!

I think I will tag Bandit and Paisley

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Daisy's Been Tagged!

Hello all!
I have been tagged by my good friend Zoey to tell five weird things about me.

So here goes.....

1. My mom and dad just discovered that I like to eat Oscar's poop. No wonder my breath is so offensive to my humans.

2. I pretend to be a sled dog when I go on my walks.

3. My dad says when God was making me, I mistakenly asked for big ears instead of big pug eyes (my ears are a little disproportionate to my head for a pug).

4. I had six sisters in my litter.

5. I love to go pee. When I go on walks, I usually stop to pee six or seven times (during a ten minute walk).

Let's see......I tag





Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Random Thoughts

I seem to be suffering from a lack of interesting topics to blog lately. It seems like a lot of other bloggers are suffering this as well, because some of my regularly visited blogs aren't updating as frequently as usual. Maybe it's the end of summer blues. Can you believe it is August already?


I was reminded again tonight of how beautiful this state really is. Are you guys tired of hearing that? I guess because I grew up in Texas, it makes me appreciate the beauty here even more. Even after being here three years, I am at times in awe of this beautiful creation surrounding me. Tonight, I took the pugs out for a walk at dusk. The sun was setting over the mountains, the sky was all pink and orange and the clouds were a purpley color. It was breathtaking and awesome. If any of you ever want to come visit and experience this, you always have a free place to stay!


I decided last week that I love being a dietitian. Trust me, it is VERY challenging at times but very rewarding at times as well. So many people are struggling with their eating and have so many false notions about food and diets and such. Working with diabetes is especially rewarding.


Lastly, I have recently decided that I want to start jogging. The problem is--I hate it. But I really want to like it, and I need to get in better shape. All of you joggers out there--any suggestions on how to get started?

Good night from the cutest pugs ever! They bring me so many smiles!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Well, I did something last Saturday I have never done before. I participated in a llama race! Every year, the town of Fairplay, Colorado, holds a llama/alpaca race. Over the last few years, they have turned the race into a money-raising event for organ donation awareness. The transplant center at our hospital recruits teams, so I was on a team with three of my co-workers! Things didn't work out quite as we had planned--when we arrived, they had run out of llamas, but one of my teammates and I walked the course anyway. We joined up with another team in the beginning, but they went on way ahead of us. It was a nice little hike, about three miles. We went through the river three times and up and down hills, so it was a pretty good workout. All in all, it was a fun day! Jason wasn't able to walk with us, because he was sick, but maybe next year!

Through the river--it was actually scarier than it looks, but I don't particularly like rushing water

Near the end of the race (no, it wasn't all nice and paved like this section)

Some nice mountain scenery along our route