Life with Pugs

Saturday, September 30, 2006


Is anyone else out there having troubles posting pictures? I am getting so frustrated!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy Birthday, Josh!

Today my baby brother turns 16! Love you, Josh, and hope you have a wonderful day!

Be safe on the roads!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fall is Here!

Fall has arrived here in Colorado! Monday evening, after Jason got home from work, we drove up to the mountains to see the aspens turning. They weren't as spectacular as last year (I think the recent snow we received may have messed things up) but it was still beautiful.

Like I said, it has already started to snow in the mountains! This last weekend, some areas of Colorado received 3 feet of snow! Of course, Jason is super excited--means that ski season is that much closer. Here we are touching our first snow of the season!

The blending of two seasons

Friday, September 22, 2006

Bloggy Parade of Homes Wrap-Up

Welcome to the last week of the Bloggy Parade of homes. The theme for this week is patios/yards, but I missed last week, which was bonus rooms, so I will add that as well.

Our "bonus room" is probably the room where we spend most of our time. It is our tiny third bedroom that we are using as our office. Our computer is in there, along with my favorite thing--my scrapbook table!

Here is a closer look of my scrapbooking/crafting mess!

And my current project--a Daisy scrapbook!

Jason spends a lot of time here--he loves messing with the computer. Actually, I spend a lot of time here as well, reading blogs of course! I think I may be addicted--it is so easy to waste lots of time reading blogs and myspace!

And now for the outside of our house. We have a teeny, tiny yard on the side of our house. The houses in our neighborhood are extremely close together, so we have very little yard. But I have come to appreciate that, because I don't particularly like yardwork, and it seems we can hardly get the yardwork done that we need to, even with our tiny yard. So here is a view of the yard--this picture shows how narrow it really is. It is kind of dark, because I took it last night as the sun was going down.
There's always a pug around to see what I am doing!

We have a little patio on the side of our house off the dining room.

We purchased this grill over the summer and LOVE it! We do quite a bit of grilling!

Here is our front porch. I begged Jason for patio furniture, but in all reality we very rarely sit out here. But it looks nice! Notice the pug planter on the table--my mother-in-law sent me that for Christmas one year. So cute!

Well, thank you all so much for touring our home. We really love it and love sharing it with others. Thanks also to Shannon for hosting the tour!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Too Funny

Today, Jason sent me an email titled "Why Dogs Bite People." Check out the pictures that were attached....

Of course, my favorites are the pugs (especially the black spider pug) but they are all pretty cute and funny. Which ones do you like?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New Doggie Bed

Until yesterday, we only had one big dog bed for Daisy and Oscar. Well, Daisy also has her "baby bed" but it is pretty small so she only uses it occasionally. But both of the dog beds are upstairs, so I have a blanket in the kitchen and one in the living room. Jason decided he is tired of the blankets laying around, so we decided to get a dog bed for downstairs.

This is a yucky picture, but the dog bed is green and looks like a little couch. It is cute! I am not sure what the pugs think but hopefully they will get used to it. We found it pretty cheap at WalMart, so it isn't great quality, but it will serve its purpose. I will try to get a better picture soon!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Well, I can't think of anything exciting to title this post, so I am going to leave it title-less.

Last Thursday and Friday, I attended a diabetes conference in Cheyenne, WY. I learned lots of new, good information and spent some time outside work with some of my co-workers, which was fun.

One thing about the conference I really enjoyed was a dinner presentation from Matt Hoover! If you don't know who he is, he won the second season on "The Biggest Loser." He talked about being morbidly obese and losing that amazing amount of weight. I found it very exciting and inspirational!

Jason bought himself an early birthday gift this last weekend--he bought tickets to see Andrea Bocelli! He is coming to town December 9, and we are going to see him! Jason found tickets in row 6, but they would have put an $800 dent in our bank account. No way mister, not for one night of entertainment! So he had to settle for several rows back, but we are still very excited!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tired Boys

Jason has been working more overtime in the past few weeks, so he has been pretty tired. And Oscar is always tired (or always lazy). Here is a picture of the two of them pooped from a long day of working (Jason) and sleeping (Oscar).

Jason thinks Oscar's underbite is soooo funny (which it is) but he tends to torture Oscar for a laugh. Jason likes to arrange Oscar's teeth so he will have the full underbite going on!

Both boys modeling underbites!

Thanks goodness I have Daisy in the house to keep me (somewhat) sane!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday, Blogger friends!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Jason and I had a fun (but busy!) weekend. Friday night, we went to see "Cats." We had dinner at Cheesecake Factory, coffee at Starbucks, then headed to the theater. I should have done some research on the musical, because it was not at all what I expected! The story line was kind of strange and the music was very 80's, but all in all it was entertaining. The dancing and costumes were great! Our next musical will be "Lion King" in November, which we are looking forward to very much!

Saturday morning Jason worked, and then I met him at a local ski store for some ski boots. Jason has very special needs feet, so we wanted to find the best ski boots for his feet. We found a great boot fitter at Colorado Ski and Golf, who was super helpful! We were there over two hours, but I think it will be worth it. He helped us a ton, plus is going to work on Jason's boots before the season starts.

Speaking of skis, look at our new purchases! I received a bonus several months ago at work, and we decided to save it for ski stuff. Several of the big sporting goods stores here have sales during September on last year's ski models for fairly inexpensive, so we took advantage of the sales and went crazy! We are about ready to hit the slopes! We bought skis, poles, boots, and bindings. I got a helmet and Jason bought a new coat, gloves and sunglasses. Yesterday, we ordered a new coat for me and a helmet for Jason, so we should be set. We are so excited!

Saturday we went to a party to watch the Ohio State vs. Texas game. We have friends who attended Ohio State, so it was a really fun party. I was sad to see Texas lose, but I really didn't care too much. Then our beloved Broncos lost yesterday. Hopefully they will do a better job when we go to the Broncos vs. Raiders game in October!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Bloggy Parade of Homes: Guest Bedroom

And here is our guest bedroom! It is pretty small but serves its purpose. It too is very plain but should be painted sometime in the next few months. I hate white walls so I look forward to when it is a fun color. This was our comforter when we got married. I love yellow and blue but Jason thinks it is too "country" so it is banished to the spare room.

Any of you who want to come visit Colorado--you can sleep here!

And here is Oscar's bedroom! This is actually just Oscar and Daisy's bed in the hallway. When we are gone during the day, we close all of the doors upstairs and leave their bed in the hallway. This gives them the upstairs hallway and kitchen/dining room to roam while we are gone and keeps them out of (most) trouble. We drag their bed into our room at night and they sleep in the floor at the foot of their bed. Except for Fridays--Jason hates for them to sleep with us, but our compromise is that they can sleep with us on Friday nights. Woo hoo!

Good night little pug dog. Sweet dreams!

Bloggy Parade of Homes: Master Bedroom

Welcome to another edition of of Bloggy Parade of Homes!

This week's theme is bedrooms. We actually have three bedrooms, but one is a office/craft room that I will highlight later. Our bedrooms, much like our bathrooms, are pretty boring. We haven't done much work or painting upstairs, so that is next on our agenda this fall.

Welcome to our master bedroom! Jason stained all of our furniture in our bedroom, and I think it turned out really well. All of the walls are right at this time, and we cannot decide what color to paint the room. Any suggestions? The bedspread is a deep red color, much like our wall downstairs.

Jason also stained this armoire when we were in our apartment to use as our entertainment center. Now that our TV has a built-in space, we don't use it downstairs anymore. We did have our TV here but we moved it closer to our bed, so now our games and sweaters live here.

We desperately need color and curtains in here!

Looking from our bed towards the master bathroom

And here is my favorite part of the bedroom (actually, in any room!)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The rest of the story

Having a yummy Sunday lunch

Sunday morning we went to church and then had lunch at a Greek restaurant. We had planned to eat sushi but the sushi place isn't open on Sunday, so we opted for Greek instead. It was really good, and our meal was finished off with tiramisu (it was actually a Greek/Italian restaurant). We did a little shopping and then took Sarah home so she could go to work. We spent some more time shopping on Mass street and then Nessa drove me around town and around campus. For dinner on Sunday, Nessa fixed chicken tacos and Sarah made yummy guacamole (my favorite!).

Monday we took the dogs to campus for a walk. I have to say that KU is a beautiful campus! Like many of you, when I thought of Kansas before, I thought about flat plains and wheat waving in the wind. That is definitely western Kansas, but eastern Kansas is very green and hilly and great! The campus was especially beautiful. Sorry alma mater, but I think KU definitely is a much prettier campus!

This is a beautiful little pond on campus, complete with blooming lily pads and weeping willows.

The bell tower on campus. I just loved the reflection in this shot.

I loved this building, which was one of the many buildings on campus. It looks kind of like a castle to me. KU has TONS of really cool, old, historic buildings and even several museums on campus.

Monday we had sushi for lunch (YUM! but why did my husband give me so many bad, expensive habits?!) and hung out on campus. We then had to head to the airport. I am one of those paranoid people who have to get to the airport at least two hours early, so I was getting stressed out when the two hour point passed. Luckily, I was flying Frontier, which is not a big airline out of KC so there was no line and I checked in very quickly. KC airport is very cool--they have the security at the actual gates, so the lines are much shorter, plus there are windows between the corridor and the gates so you don't have to go through security until you are almost ready to get on the plane. It was nice, because Nessa and I got our Starbucks (pumpkin spice latte again) and hung out until it was about time to board.

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend in KS! I loved seeing my sister and spending time with her and also meeting her roommate and her dogs. I can't wait to see them all again!