Life with Pugs

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Greetings from the North Pole.... least I feel like I am at the north pole! All this snow is unbelievable!

As you may have seen on the news, Denver was hit by another snowstorm this week. On Thursday, it started snowing around 11 and snowed the rest of the day and part of the day yesterday. Thankfully, it wasn't anywhere close to as bad as the blizzard before Christmas, but that snow hasn't even melted, so it snowed on top of several feet of old snow. Jason and I both had Friday off, but we were able to get out and about a bit. Kudos to the city and state for taking much better care of some of the roads this time!

Something about our Internet connection and blogger don't get along, which is why I haven't posted in the last couple of days. I have desperately wanted to update you all on the situation but haven't been able to! But we are home, safe and sound, and the sun is shining today (yippee!). I will take some pictures today and share them later.
Here are a few pictures from our Christmas in Texas. Enjoy!

Our annual Christmas picture

This is Daisy and Oscar's favorite place in my parents' house--in front of the fireplace

My mom, sister and I at Mamaw's house on Christmas Eve

Nessa on Christmas morning with her two dogs, which are American Stafforshire Terriers, Snatch and Tigerlily. They are beautiful dogs and really very sweet. Oscar, though, with his mean self didn't get along with them, so we had to keep them separated. Luckily, the pugs were inside most of the time and these guys had to stay outside.

One of Oscar's Christmas gifts--a new polo shirt! I think it looks pretty cute, and it fits him perfectly (which you pug lovers may know, clothes to fit pugs can be hard to find!)

I have many, many more pictures to share so will try to do a trip recap one of these days. As for now, I have to get my stir-crazy husband to the mall to get him out of the house!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Back to Reality....

Well, we arrived back in Denver last night and are back at work fun! The drive back was much better than the drive to Texas--all roads were open and for the most part clear. We did hit traffic between Colorado Springs and Denver, but it could have been much worse. It took about 12 hours to get home. The roads are better here but they are forcasting possibly another foot of snow tomorrow night. But we are happy to be safe and back to our little home.

Anybody else feeling post-Christmas blues? I am. I just love being home with my family, so I am always an emotional mess a few days after we get back. Don't get me wrong, I love Colorado and living here, but I really like my family and enjoy being with them. The holidays are just so busy that my time at home flies by. Some day I am going to take a trip home when we have nothing planned so we can all just hang out together.

Hope everyone has a happy Wednesday!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I hope all of you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

We got out of Denver Thursday evening around 6, as soon as they opened I-25 and we could get out of our neighborhood. It was pretty treacherous for part of the trip, but we made it to Texas in about 15 hours. Part of the highway in New Mexico was closed, so we had to take a detour which added about a hundred miles to the trip. But we are here and safe!

Merry Christmas! Many pictures to follow in a few days.....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Celebration

Jason and I celebrated our Christmas together on Tuesday night (thinking I would be working late tonight!). It was lots of fun, and he did a good job on the shopping this year! We usually buy something fun to eat, but this year we ordered Chinese food. Yum yum and I didn't have to cook (the best part!).
Remember the Starbucks ornaments from a few days ago? Well, Jason surprised me with the ones from this year! I didn't have them on my list, but he knew I wanted them and bought them for me. Isn't he a sweetie? I was suprised and excited!

My mother-in-law sent me this pug music box. It is so amazing--you probably can't see the detail very well in this picture, but it is so beautiful. The tree has a pug angel and pug ornaments on it! It plays "how much is that puggie in the window." I LOVE it more than words can say!

Oscar and Daisy got a new bed--do you think Oscar likes it? I could barely get him off the thing, and I have found him downstairs laying on it when everyone else is upstairs. I have been wanting a red bed to match our living room (I know, weird) but one of my requirements is that it is washable. The doggy sofa bed we purchased isn't washable, and it is already pretty gross. But this cover comes off and is machine washable. Yippee!

Oscar and Daisy also got new coats for Christmas (just in time!). Aren't they cute?

Oscar wanted a good sniff of the tree--who knows why, it is fake! Silly pug!

White Christmas!

Well, friends, it is CRAZY snowy around here--certainly like nothing I have ever experienced before! It started snowing around 4 am and is still snowing and is expected to continue until tomorrow am. The airport is closed, the malls are closed, the roads are empty--it is like a ghost town! It is kind of fun but also kind of freaky to think we are stuck inside our house.

I left work about 1:30 and thankfully made it home in about 30 minutes with no drama. It took Jason about 2 hours to get home, and a block from our house he got the car stuck in a snowdrift. He walked home, and we changed into our ski clothes and set out to get the car. On our way out, our neighbor came home and got his car stuck in the alley right behind his house. We helped them get the car unstuck, and they in-turn helped us get our car unstuck. Yay for good neighbors!

the "before" picture--before we rescued the little car!

"after"--the car back home outside our house

So we have just been lazing around the house for the afternoon and evening. There is no work tomorrow, and we are off on Friday, so it will be a fun, long holiday weekend. I just hope we can get out of town! Thankfully we aren't flying anywhere--the airport is a mess and nothing is expected to start going out until tomorrow night at the earliest. Crazy!

Our neighbors--it is hard to tell in this picture but the snow is up to about their knees. This is in the alley behind our houses. One would think they alley might be protected by the houses, but it looks like the wind was blowing the snow right this way. It is unbelievable!


We are currently in the midst of a blizzard warning here in Denver! It started snowing about 4 am this morning and is forecasted to continue throughout the day and tomorrow morning. The weather forecasters are saying 14-24 inches of snow! I am hoping not to get stuck at work today and not getting stuck in Denver for Christmas! We are planning to leave Friday, so it should be better by then. Looks like it may be a white Christmas in Colorado!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tour of Our Tree: Stop #2

So, I have totally been a slacker with my "Christmas tree tour" posts. Where has the time gone?!

I have to admit I have become a total Starbucks addict, especially during the holidays. Those red cups and holiday drinks are irresistable! I never drank Starbucks or coffee before I met Jason, so blame it all on him!

I purchased these two ornaments at Starbucks in years past and love them. I didn't buy any this year, because I wasn't crazy about the ones they offered, but I love these two.

I hope everyone is having a blessed holiday season. Thanks for all of the cards and holiday wishes!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

We've Been Tagged!

Jemima Jones tagged us to list 3 things we want for Christmas and 3 things we don't. Don't we look excited?! Here goes!

So, here are the rules: The player of this game starts with "3 things he/she would love to get for Christmas" and also has to list "3 things he/she definitely does not want to get for Christmas". Then he/she tags 5 friends and list their names. The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. And the one who tags need to leave a comment that says "you've been Christmas tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Three things Oscar wants for Christmas:
1. Permanent, all-you-can-eat dog food buffet
2. 24-7 cuddle sessions with his mom
3. Heated ground to go potty on in the cold and snow

Three things Oscar really doesn't want for Christmas:
1. Snow!
2. A diet
3. A bath

Three things Daisy wants for Christmas:
1. Endless suppy of soft, squeaky, crinkly dog toys
2. Plenty of poop to snack on (Mom says "ewwwwww!")
3. More of Mom's lap to sit on at the computer desk

Three things Daisy doesn't want for Christmas:
1. Tooth-brushing (although she needs it due to her poop-eating wish above)
2. Bath
3. Oscar to keep getting her in trouble

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Mess I Came Home To

This is the mess I came home to on Wednesday night. On Wednesdays, I teach a late class at work so usually get home around 7 or 7:30. Last night, Jason went to the Avalanche hockey game but rushed home from work before the game to let the pugs out and feed them. Apparently he was in such a hurry that he left the door ajar to the pantry, and the pugs had a field day. Luckily, they didn't get into anything bad (last time they got some Halloween candy) but it was a mess I didn't want to deal with after working 11 hours.

Needless to say, after the peanut feast, Daisy threw up in the night (in the bed--ewwwww!), and both pugs pooped in the house.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Tour of Our Tree: My Favorite Ornament

When I was feeling my "blogger blues," rpm suggested I share my favorite ornament. So I am planning to take it a step further and share several ornaments!

But I will start with my favorite. I had a hard time getting a good picture, but hopefully you get the idea. I have no idea where this ornament even came from, but I have been putting it on our tree as long as I can remember, and it has always been my favorite. I love it because it is a simple reminder of what Christmas is all about. It is nothing fancy, but I love it. It makes me feel so good and reminds me of the wonderful memories I have decorating our tree growing up.

I will share more ornaments with you over the next few days. Is anyone else in shock that Christmas is less than two weeks away? This month has just flown by!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Thank You

Thank you all for your words of encouragement about the perm. They lifted my spirits when I was feeling really, really low. I feel like you guys are all great friends--we will have to all meet up some day!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Our consisted of a dinner date, Bocelli concert and cookie baking. I will share more later! Have a great week!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Okay, friends, remember the pictures of the great perm I showed you all over the summer? Well, I figured that since it had been almost 6 months, I was due for a second perm. I made an appointment with the same guy who did my first perm, only to be called an hour before my scheduled appointment to be told he is no longer doing perms. Not nice. So I made another appointment with a well-known, reputable salon chain here in Denver. You know what is coming, don't you? Well I went tonight, and 2 hours and 45 minutes later, I come out with the curliest hair you have ever seen. I HATE it. No really, I HATE it! I feel like something straight from the eighties. I haven't broken down and cried yet, but I certainly want to.

So now I need advice. I called my mom (yay for good moms!) and she suggested two options: 1) curl it with a big curling iron until it settles down to acceptable levels, or 2) wash it out. Anyone with perm experience out there, please help me!

*UPDATE: I washed my hair this morning, and it is pretty much as curly after as it was before. It may be a little looser, but hard to tell until it really dries. I think I can live with it, but I will be ready for it to loosen up. Thanks for your advice and words of encouragement!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Blogger Blues

I have been suffering from a case of the blogger blues. I have plenty of things to blog about but no desire to do so. Maybe I am burned out from blogging every day, maybe it's the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Whatever it is, I hope I snap out of it soon!

Our ski day last weekend was very disappointing. It was very, very cold, so we only skiied three runs and called it a day. Jason was also having trouble with his boots, which made his feet very uncomfortable. I had been so excited about skiing, so it was pretty disappointing to me. We plan to go up in a couple weeks again, so I hope it turns out better.

Thanks to all who have sent us cards already--they are so cute! We hope to take our pictures this weekend and get cards out ASAP. I have them addressed, just need pictures!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Cards

Okay, one last call--if you want to be on our Christmas card list and haven't sent me your address, please do so at jasonleah03 AT Thanks!